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Locus Poenitentiae


Award of benefit to a person in violation of law would not attract principle of Locus Poenitentiae.


Principle of Locus Poenitentiae would not arise in a situation when some benefit, was awarded to a person against declared law.


S. 3---West Pakistan General Clauses Act (VI of 1956), S.20---Appointment in violation of rules---Validity---Such appointment would be against the policy of law---Despite such legal defect in initial


-S. 21---Illegal order---Power-to recall such order---Scope---Principles of Locus Poenitentiae , applicability---No perpetual rights could be gained on basis of an illegal order---Principle of Locus


Promotion as reward---Police Hockey Team having won National Hockey Championship, Coach of the team was promoted as a Inspector of Police as a reward---Petitioner who was Assistant Manager of the team


Principle of Locus Poenitentiae would not be attracted to an order of appointment secured by fraud and misrepresentation.


Principle of---Concept---Applicability---Scope---Concept of Locus Poenitentiae is a power to recede till a decisive step is taken but it is not a principle of law that order once passed becomes


Seniority being not a vested right of a civil servant at Sr. No. l did not confer any vested right on him to invoke the doctrine of Locus Poenitentiae as power of rescission or recall of the earlier


Object scope and applicability---Rule of Locus Poenitentiae is that the power of rescinding is available to Government or relevant authorities to retrace and undo the wrong order till a decisive step


Locus Poenitentiae , Doctrine of When not applicable.