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Transfer of Property

52---TRANSFER OF PROPERTY pending suit relating thereto---Lis pendens, principle OF ---Ingredients---Conditions precedent to attract the principles OF lis pendens with respect to S.52 OF the TRANSFER OFPROPERTY Act,


S. 19---TRANSFER OF PROPERTY Act (IV OF 1882), S. 53-A--¬-Agreement for sale OF State land---Delivery OF possession OF such land by its allottee to vendee after receipt OF entire sale consideration---Agreement


S. 60---TRANSFER OF PROPERTY Act (IV OF 1882), S. 54----Specific Relief Act (I OF 1877), S. 27(b)---Agreement for sale OF land, registration OF ---Effect---Such registration itself would be a notice to general public


S. 12---Qanun-e-Shahadat (10 OF 1984), Art. 117---Suit for specific performance OF agreement to sell immovable PROPERTY ---Defendant alleging transaction between parties to be for `lease' OF land and not `sale'---


S.3----Contract Act (IX OF 1872), S.182---Power OF Attorney, attestation OF ---Scope---Definition OF "attestation" contained in S.3 OF TRANSFER OF PROPERTY Act, 1882 required attestation OF an instrument by two or


S. 21---TRANSFER OF PROPERTY Act (IV OF 1882), Ss.54 & 118---Leave to appeal was granted by Supreme Court to re-examine question OF limitation in a suit for pre-emption in backdrop OF a transaction OF sale


S. 41---Bona fide purchaser-Protection-Pre-conditions-In order to invoke provisions OF S.41 OF TRANSFEROF PROPERTY Act, 1882, it is necessary that TRANSFER or should be ostensible owner, his ownership should be


Ss. 10(1)(b), 10(2) & 14---TRANSFER OF PROPERTY before the target date given in S.10(1)(b), Evacuee Trust Properties (Management and Disposal) Act, 1975 shall be deemed to have been validly TRANSFER red and in


Gift--- Gift by Muslim can be complete even without any writing and such gifts are expressly excluded from the operation OF TRANSFER OF PROPERTY Act, 1882---Principles.
Ss. 123 & 129---Gift by Muslim can be


S. 50---TRANSFER OF PROPERTY Act (IV OF 1882), S.58---Mortgage---Registered mortgage would be a notice to entire world OF factum OF its registration.