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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any individual from general public speak to the Advocate General or a law officer?
We do not give legal advice to members of the public. If you do feel that you need to contact us about a matter which we can deal with, please contact  Us.  
Can public see or request for the advice the Advocate General or law officers gave on a particular subject?
No. By convention the law officer's advice or the fact of whether or not they have advised on a particular issue is not disclosed. There is also an exemption in the Freedom of Information Ordinance 2002.
Is the Office of Advocate General an attached department of the Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department?
The Advocate General's Office is not an attached department of the Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department any more. Subject to the notification dated 8th July, 2011, the office of the Advocate General Punjab has been named as a “Special Institution” of the Government of Punjab. Only the administrative matters relating to the office of the Advocate General are controlled by the Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department.
Can Office of Advocate General intervene in a police investigation? Top
No. We have no investigative function. If you are not happy with the police force you have other remedies in law.
Does Office of Advocate General deal with scams and fraudulent activity?
No. The Advocate General’s office will never contact any member of the public with unsolicited offers or demands for money. You have remedies under the law and you can also contact the police.
If any citizen is unhappy with his/her Advocate, can Office of Advocate General investigate the matter?
The Punjab Bar Council handles complaints about Advocates.
If any citizen has a complaint against a private business, can he/she get assistance from the Office of Advocate General?
There are a variety of options available to citizens under the law of the land but the office of the Advocate General does not provide this service to private individuals.
Does the Office of Advocate General provide any services or assistance to general public?
Yes. Only in the matters where express consent is required and considered mandatory under law to file a case. See Approvals for Filing of Cases.
If a citizen has complaint against a public officer, can the Advocate General take action against that public officer?
The Advocate General is prohibited from representing private individuals in any case.
If a citizen is victim of public nuisance, what should he/she do?
The citizen can file a suit under the Civil Procedure Code, and the necessary approval for filing the same has to be obtained from the office of the Advocate General. See Approvals for Filing of Cases.
If a citizen wants to be the guardian of mentally retarded relative, how should he/she proceed with the matter?
A suit has to be filed in this regard after taking necessary approval form the office of the Advocate General. See Approvals for Filing of Cases.
What training does the Office of Advocate General offer to law students and advocates?
The Advocate General’s office has taken the initiative to provide a three month intensive internship program for the law graduates. See Internship.
If any citizen is being discriminated against because of age, race, gender, or disability, can he/she seek guidance from the Advocate General?
Discrimination in any form is wrong and there are laws that govern these acts. Constitution of Pakistan contains some protections for ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity and procedure to seek remedy given under the said law.