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2007 PLD 381 sc


Domicile certificate, use of---Change of Domicile ---Appellants earlier joined Provincial service on the basis of Punjab Domicile but subsequently they applied for Central Superior Services against Domicile of Azad Jammu and Kashmir---Federal Public Service Commission informed the appellants that their Domicile s for the Province of Punjab were accepted---Order passed by the Commission was assailed before High Court in Constitutional jurisdiction but of no avail---Validity---High Court had rightly observed that Government service did not mean only service of Federation of Pakistan but it also included service of Provinces which had been accepted/joined by appellants on the basis of Domicile certificates of that area---Once a person had expressed his intention to be a Domicile of a particular area, under the provision of R.6(iii)(i) of Competitive Examination Rules, 1996, such person could not change his place of Domicile certificate subsequently for the purpose of getting better benefits--High Court was justified in not issuing writ in favour of appellants.