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By Ashtar Ausaf Ali
Ex. Advocate General Punjab.

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M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W |
  A   Top
  Abatement      Abetment    Abscondance    Acquittal
  Act of Court     Academic Exercise   Act of State   Adjournments
  Administration of Justice     Administrative Law   Adverse Possession   Affidavits
  Alibi     Alternate Remedy   Appeal and Review   Approbate and Raprobate
  Agreement to Sell / Sale Deed     Alternate Remedy   Amendment in Pleadings   Appeal Against Family Court
  Appeal, Notice     Appeal to Supreme Court   Appointment of Advocate
  B             Top
  Bail     Bail Cancelation    Bail Parameters   Bail not to be withheld as punishment
  Banking     Bench Size   Benami   Benefit of Doubt
  Bias     Border Area Committee Ex-Post Fact NOC   Building Control Laws   Burden of Proof
  C             Top
  Canal and Drainage Act      Carriage of goods by sea Act   Civil Procedure Code 1908   Civil Servant Definition
  Company     Compensation / Compell   Compromise   commission-judicial-scope of
  Constitution     Contempt of Court Act   Confession   Consolidation of Holdings
  Contract Act     Conviction   Cooperative Societies Act   Court Fees and Stamp Act
  Criminal Trial      Criminal Procedure Code 1898        
  D             Top
  Damages & Tort     Decree   Delay Condoned/Limitation   Delay, Limitation, Condonation
  Decision, Incorrect or Void     Declaration Suit    Discharge / Debtor   Discretion 
  delegated Legislation     Delegation of Powers   Double Allotment   Dying Cadre
  Displaced persons Laws     Domicile   Disposal of State Land    
  Dying Declaration     Dissmisal, Non Fulling Condition (OXVII)        
  E             Top
  Easements     Education   Election   Estopple
  F             Top
  Family Laws     Fatal Accidents Act   Foreign Exchange   Fundamental Rights
  G             Top
  General      General Clauses Act   Gift   Grave   and Sudden Provocation
  H             Top
  Hebeas Corpus Section 491 (Cr.P.C)     Harsher Penalty        
  I             Top
  Intra Court Appeal      Identification   Industrial Relation Ordinance   Inherit Jurisdiction
  Inheritance     Injunctions   Interpretation of Constitution   Interpretation of Documents
  Investigation     Islamic Jurisprudence   Issues    
  J             Top
  Judicial Review     Judgement and Order    Jurisdiction    
  L             Top
  Labour and Service     Laches   Land Acquisition   Land Revenue Act
  Lahore Development Authority     Limitation   Local Government Ordinance   Locus Poenitentiae
  Locus Standi              
  M             Top
  Master and Servant     Medical Jurisprudence   Minor   Motor Vehicles Ordinance
  Muhammadan Law     Mutation of Inheritance        
  N             Top
  Natural Justice              
  O             Top
  Oath Act     Order Being passed by BAC Immune from Attack        
  P             Top
  Pakistan Army Act     Pakistan Penal Code Partition   Policy Matters   Point of Law
  Practice and Procedure     Precedent   Pre-Emption   Prevention of Corruption
  Preventive Detention     Principles   Prohibition   Public Interest Litigation
  Q             Top
  Quanun-E-Shahadat     Qisas and Diyat   Qs. of Law at Appeal   Quasi-Jud Forums
  R             Top
  Recovery     Registration Act   Relief    Remand of Case
  S             Top
  Sale of Goods Act     Shariat Courts and Law   Societies Registration Act   Specific Relief Act
  Stolen Property      Supreme Court   Supreme Court Rules    Suit for dismissal, Non Prosecution
  Suit Against Dead Person     Suit Disposed on Merits   Staturoy Rules    
  T             Top
  Taxation     Telephone / Telegraph   Transfer of Property   Tribunal
  U             Top
  Undue Influence     Up-gradation        
  V             Top
  Vakalatnama     Void Orders   Vested Rights    
  W             Top
  Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman)     Wapda   Waqaf   Weapon 
  Witness     Word and Phrases   Writ