Shaheryar Ahsan Mehboob

Mr. Shaheryar Ahsan Mehboob learned Assistant Advocate General Punjab is continuous 3rd generation in this noble profession. Before joining office of Advocate General Punjab, he was working in Mehboob Law Chamber which is providing legal assistance in Criminal cases only same was established by Mr. Chaudhry Mehboob Ahmed Advocate High Court (Late) his grandfather in 1940 in Rohtak, India.
Later on, Mr. Sardar Mehboob (Advocate Supreme Court) father of learned Assistant Advocate General, started his career in 1974 and he is still working as Senior Lawyer in the chamber.

Mr. Shaheryar Ahsan Mehboob learned Assistant Advocate General started his career as an Advocate in 2003 in District Courts Multan since then, and for the last 18 years till his appointment as A.A.G, he used to appear in different courts i.e., Magistrate court, different Sessions court including Anti-Corruption, F.I.A, Court of Banking Crimes N.A.B as well as High Court which included trial work specially Murder Trial as well as miscellaneous work.

Recently the model girl Qandeel Balouch trial was conducted by Mr. Sardar Mehboob and Shaheryar Ahsan Mehboob.

As a student of M.Sc Criminology,  opted his thesis titled Criminal Justice System in Pakistan which was a District Level Survey with stakeholders of Criminal Justice System including Litigants (complainant, accused witnesses), Judges, Police Officers, Jail Authorities etc. almost more than 100 page thesis, highlighted the evolution of Criminal Justice System in Pakistan. The main reasons of crimes and the challenges faced by stakeholders in dispensation of Criminal Justice System i.e., Police, accused, Lawyers, Prosecutors, Correctional Institutions.


Date of Birth

9th June, 1979


Date of Appointment as: 

  • Assistant Advocate General Punjab

17th July. 2021 

Date of Enrollment as:


  • Advocate Lower Court    
  • Advocate High Court

24th Nov. 2003
31st Dec. 2005 

Educational Background

L.L.B (BZU, Multan) in 1999-2002
M.Sc Criminology (BZU, Multan) 2011-2013 

Lifetime Membership

1) Lifetime Member District Bar Association, Multan.
2) Lifetime Member High Court Bar Association, Multan.
3) Member Rotary Club of Multan (Charity organization)
4) Member Continuing legal education Committee.