Chaudhry Muhammad Jawad Yaqub

Chaudhry Muhammad Jawad Yaqub is an experienced lawyer representing and advising clients in a range contentious and on-contentious legal matters; primarily focusing on Civil, Criminal and Administrative law litigation.

Professional acumen with solid track record of maintinging professional integrity at all times. 

Stakeholder management experience, including ability to work collaboratively with privae enterprises and government entities to develop strong professional relationships; build trust and credibility. His key compentencies are Civil, Criminal , Administrative law, government regultions, special statutes and Stakeholder Management. Now he is working as Assistant Advocate General Punjab.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              




Date of Birth


15th Jan. 1981


Date of Appointment as: 



  • Assistant Advocate General
  7th Dec. 2018

Date of Enrollment as:



  •  Advocate
  • Advocate High Court



Educational Background    
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