Malik Altaf Hussain Raan

Malik Altaf Hussain Raan was born on 14th January-1960 in District Multan. He completed his Bachelor of Law Degree from the prestigious University namely Baha-ud-Din Zakariya University, Multan in Session-1986. After which he started his career as professional lawyer from District Courts on 19th January-1987 and was later-on enrolled as an advocate of High Court on 05th of August-1996. He is the member of High Court Bar Association, Multan. He has an additional degree of Master of Police Science(M.A Political Science) got from B.Z University, Multan in Session-1980. He have more than 29 Years’ experience as an Advocate having benchmarked cases. During the tenure of his private practice he conducted hundreds of cases in the High Court as well as other courts on behalf of national, international firms and also of individuals. He also represented various clients in the Civil, Session and Superior Courts in Murder Trail/References, Writ Petitions, Election Petitions & other nature of cases. There are many reported judgments during his appearance before the Hon’ble High Court. Before his appointment as Provincial Law Officer(AAG); he already performed his laudable legal assistance as Assistant Advocate General Punjab in Year-1997 to 1999. He has excellent communication skills in Urdu, Punjabi, Saraiki & English. He was appointed as Assistant Advocate General, Punjab on 06th April-2021 & now working at Multan bench office. Since appointment as Law Officer he conducted many of cases on behalf of Government of the Punjab. Now he is working under the kind supervision of Mr. Ahmad Awais Sahib, Worthy Advocate General, Punjab.   

Assistant Advocate General Punjab


Date of Birth: 14 Jan, 1960

Date of Appointment as:

  • Assistant Advocate General 
06 Apr, 2022
Date of Enrollment as:   
  • Advocate
19 Jan. 1987
  • Advocate High Court
05 Aug. 1996
  • Advocate Supreme Court
Educational Background M.A LL.B - D.L.L
Office Number 061 -