Talat Mehmood Khan

Mr. Talat Mehmood Khan is presently working as Assistant Advocate General Punjab. 

Assistant Advocate General Punjab


Date of Birth: 8 May 1983

Date of Appointment as:

  • Assistant Advocate General 
30 Sep.2022
Date of Enrollment as:   
  • Advocate
April 2010
  • Advocate High Court
Sep 2013
  • Advocate Supreme Court
Educational Background B.A LL.B 
Litigation Experience

i. Representing Federal Govt. against M/S PAIGE Limited and others.

ii. Representing Federal Govt, against M/S PYRAMID Petroleum (Pakistan) INC and others.

iii. Representing Federal Govt. against M/S TECHNO Petroleum Private Limited. iv. Representing Federal Govt. against M/S PYRAMIT petroleum (Pakistan) INC and others. v. Represented Bestway Cement Company Ltd in the cases against Sui Northern Gas Company regarding connection of Gas and Gas supply Issues.

vi. Represented Bestway Cement Company Ltd for obtaining licence for storage of Petrol and Diesel before the competent authority.

vii. Represented Bestway Cement Company Ltd. Several suits in Civil and Criminal Cases.

viii. Represented Summit Bank Ltd. in Civil Cases filed against the bank.

ix. Represented individuals in several Civil matters against OGDCL, KAAL Oil Field

Skills Developed during Pupillage and Chamber Practice

Lawyer's Skills:- Communicating effectively; Interviewing clients; Writing letters; Drafting other documents; Negotiating settlements and agreements; Facilitating early resolution of disputes; and 
Representing a client in court

Problem Solving:-Analyzing facts and identifying issues; Analyzing law; Providing legal advice; and Generating solutions and strategies.
Work Management & Business Skills:-Managing personal time; Managing risk; Managing files; Keeping client informed; and Working cooperatively.

Civil Litigation Practice:-Assessing the merits of a case and identifying the dispute resolution alternatives; Initiating and responding to claims; Taking and responding to interlocutory proceedings; Gathering and presenting evidence; Negotiating settlements; and Taking action to enforce orders and 
settlement agreements.

Commercial & Corporate Practice:-Conducting commercial transactions; Setting up commercial 
structures; Dealing with loans and securities; Analyzing risks and their allocation

Administrative Law Practice:-Obtaining information; Analyzing facts and applicable law; Analyzing public law element in given situation; Analyzing attributes of Respondent for determining jurisdiction; Obtaining review of administrative decisions; Representing a client.

Office Number 051-9277031
Email: talat.mahmood@ag.gop.pk