Barrister Tayeeb Jan

Barrister Tayeeb Jan is a Barrister from Lincoln’s Inn. His areas of expertise include Constitutional Law, Civil Law as well as Criminal Law. Mr. Jan has had the privilege of representing various high profile clients all over Pakistan. Prior to his appointment as Assistant Advocate-General Punjab he has been serving as legal advisor to Walton Cantonment Board, Lahore Cantonment Board, Okara Cantonment Board, Abbotabad Cantonment Board, Bank of Punjab and Punjab Food Authority. Mr. Jan specializes in cantonment matters, service matters as well as constitutional matters. 

Assistant Advocate General Punjab



Date of Birth:  

Date of Appointment as:

  • Assistant Advocate General 
  • Re-appointed Assistant Advocate General 
27 Nov. 2021
30 Sep. 2022
Date of Enrollment as:   
  • Advocate High Court
  • Advocate Lower Court

01 Nov, 2011
7 Sep, 2010

Work Experience Worked in the Chamber of Aitzaz Ahsan & Associates w.e.f 30th June 2009-2021 - 26th Nov.2021.
Worked as Legal Advisor to:
  • Waltan Cantonment Board
  • Lahore Cantonment Board
  • Okara   Cantonment Board
  • Abottabad Cantonment Board
  • Punjab Food Authority
  • Bank of Punjab
Educational Background  
  • Lincoln’s Inn - Barrister-at-Law
  • University of London External Program LLB (Hons) 


Office Number 042 - 99211979