Waqar Saeed Khan

 Mr. Waqar Saeed Khan has received his LL.M degree from King’s College London and also done specialized certification from the University of Oxford. Mr. Khan has practised in the field of commercial and banking laws. He has taught equity and commercial laws at Punjab University Law College for ten years. He has been teaching banking and constitutional law at University of Lahore since 2014. He has been serving as a memorial judge and an arbitrator in Foreign Direct Investment moots organised by the Austrian Center for International Legal Studies since 2009.                                                                                                                         



Date of Birth


16th Oct.1980


Date of Appointment as: 



  • Assistant Advocate General
  7th Dec. 2018

Date of Enrollment as:



  •  Advocate
  • Advocate High Court

16th Oct. 2004
27th Jan. 2007


Educational Background   LL.M
Office Number   04299214030