Malik Masroor Haider Usman

Malik Masroor Haider AWan is presently working as Additional Advocate General Punjab under the supervision of Mr. Ahmad Awais, Advocate General Punjab at Multan Bench Office, Multan. He has conducted numerous cass in Lahore High Court Multan, Bahawalpur Bench Offices and Peshawar High Court as well. His area of interest is Service Matters, NAB References, Murder Reference, RSAs, RFAs, Civil Revision, Taxation etc. He also coducted several trials in Accountability Referencs before Accounability Courts in different disctricts.  

Additional Advocate General Punjab


Date of Birth: 00.000.000

Date of Appointment as:

  • Additional Advocate General 
Date of Enrollment as:   
  • Advocate
Dec, 2012
  • Advocate High Court
Dec, 2014
  • Advocate Supreme Court
Educational Background B.A LL.B 
Office Number 061 - 9201616