Governing Law

The Punjab Government Rules of Business, 2011 relating to the office of the Advocate General Punjab are stated as below:

Consultation Rules 20

Sub Rule (6) shall be renumbered as (5) and the following proviso added to it

  • “Provided that in cases involving urgency, or where public interest so demand, the Department concerned may, after recording the reasons for the urgency or, as the case may be, public interest involved, forward such specific points directly to the Advocate General for legal opinion”
  • “(6) In cases where the Department desires to consult the Advocate General Punjab through Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department, the Law & Parliamentary Department shall first record its comprehensive opinion on the points of law on which opinion is sought before forwarding the reference to the Advocate General for his opinion."
  • “(7) If there is disagreement between the views of the Advocate General and Law & Parliamentary Affairs Department, their views shall be conveyed verbatim to the concerned department, and if that department does not accept the view of Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department, the case shall be submitted to Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs for submission to the Cabinet for decision.”
  • “(8) No Department shall engage a private counsel for representing it in any case before the High Court, Federal Shairat Court or the Supreme Court of Pakistan, except with the prior permission of the Law & Parliamentary Affairs Department and its approval by the Advocate General.”

Correspondence Rules 47 Sub Rule (4)

“All correspondence by the Government with the Advocate General shall be conducted through the Secretary of the concerned department and all correspondence by the Advocate General shall be responded to by the very same official to whom it is addressed.”

Special Institution

In the First Schedule at Sr. 24 under heading “Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department” in the column “Head of Attached Department” entry at Sr. No. (ii) “Advocate General, Punjab” shall be omitted and subsequent entries shall be renumbered accordingly.

In the First Schedule, under the heading “Special Institution”, appearing immediately after entry No. 24, the entry relating to Provincial Assembly of the Punjab shall be incorporated at serial No. (ii), “Office of the Advocate General, Punjab.”

Law & Parliamentary Affairs Department

Para No. 10 shall be substituted as follows:

“Administrative Matter relating to the Office of the Advocate General Punjab.”