Principal Seat



Ahmad Awais
  Advocate General Punjab 

Barrister Umair Khan Niazi
Admin Officer


Anis Ali Hashmi
  Drawing & Disbursing Officer 


Abdur Razaq
PS to AG Punjab / Staff Officer

  Tauqeer Hassan Siddiqui
Protocol Officer

Muhammad Ibrar 
Budget & Accounts Officer


Luqus Javed 
 Incharge I.T Branch


  Muhammad Nawaz


Rana Ismail


Abid Hussain Irfan
Incharge Stationary & Store Branch


Muhammad Tahir Yaseen
Supreme Court Branch


Incharge Account Branch


Muhammad Qasim
Incharge Record Room 


Muhammad Ibrar
Incharge Civil Branch 


 Shahid Nawaz Chathha
Incharge Writ Branch


Muhammad Arshad
Incharge Criminal and Shariat Court Branch


Incharge Establishment Branch


Muhammad Mutsawar Asif 
Incharge CPC Branch


Junaid Rasheed (Assistant)
Incharge Dispatch Branch