Service Matters

Abdul Rashid vs. Riazuddin
Reference: [1995] SCMR 999
MPA and MNA etc. appointed of employee leave to appeal was referred.
Abdul Rasheed vs. Chief Engineer (South) Punjab Highways Department, Lahore
Reference: [2008] PLC 579
Civil Servant transfer from one place to another, order suspended by High Court.
Abdul Ghafoor Supervisor/Inspector, N.H.A. vs. National Highway Authority
Reference: [2002] SCMR 574
Eligibility for promotion goes to Service Tribunal.
Akhtar Ali vs. Director of Agriculture (Economics and Marketing) Punjab Agriculture House, Lahore
Reference: [2000] PSC 784
Employees of Market Committee not Civil Servant
Ashiq Ali Bhatti vs. Federation of Pakistan through Secretary Establishment Division
Reference: [2006] SCMR 1324
After retirement of Civil Servant he cannot claim retrospective promotion etc.
Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan vs. Miss Nasreen Pervez 
Reference: [2009] SCMR 329
Dismissal from service regular inquiry instituted.
Chairman Dr. A.Q. khan, Research Laboratories vs. Malik Muhammad Hamid Ullah Khan
Reference: [2010] SCMR 302
Civil Servant charge with absent from service without leave and even the previous record also shows that the warnings and disciplinary actions had been taken against him then he should not be given another chance.
Chief Executive Officer, Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO) vs. Rana Shamim Akhtar
Reference: [2010] SCMR 442
High Court Bar to decide the question of delay as Punjab Service Tribunal has not decided the same in service.
Dr. Shafi-Ur-Rehman Afridi vs. C.D.A. Islamabad through Chairman
Reference: [2010] SCMR 378
A person on Deputation cannot be asked to serve total period of deputation and he could not be repatriated on deputation.
Director-General of Civil Aviation Authority, Karachi vs. Abdul Touheed khan
Reference: [2010] SCMR 468
Petitioner benefits claimed even after service question of laches not applicable.
Executive Engineer, Gepco Limited versus Liaqat Ali
Reference: [2010] SCMR 237
Compulsory retirement without holding inquiry by the department a person should be reinstated.
Engineer Majeed Ahmed Memon vs. Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro
Reference: [2009] SCMR 683
Civil Servant, if promoted and charged with misconduct, proper Inquiry should be made.
Fazal Din through L.Rs. vs. Muhammad Anayat 
Reference: [2007] SCMR 1
Through L.Rs. of one decision taken in terms and condition of a Civil Servant  and another  Civil Servant who was  not party to it.
Fuad Asadullah Khan vs. Federation of Pakistan through Secretary Establishment
Reference: [2009] SCMR 412
Reversion of Civil Servant from Higher to Lower Grade.
Fazal MUhammad vs. Government of N.W.F.P
Reference: [2009] SCMR 82
Security of Civil Servant will remain the same if both are appointed at the same time whether one takes later.
Muhammad Nasir Khan, Director Physical Education vs. Secretary Education, Government of Punjab
Reference: [1999] SCMR 2155
Punjab Civil Servant has no vested rights to hold the same post and not to get transferred.
Muhammad Saleem Khan vs. Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan
Reference: [2009] SCMR 117
Promotion of the Civil Servant maintains the security of Batches.
Muhammad Haleem vs. General Manager (Operation) Pakistan Railways Headquarter, Lahore
Reference: [2009] SCMR 339
Charge of misconduct regular inquiry instituted.
Muhammad Akhtar Shirani vs. Punjab Text Book Board
Reference: [2004] SCMR 1077 (FB)
Illegal appointment
Maqbool Ahmed Qureshi vs. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Reference: [1999] PLD 484
Blood relationship decent cannot be made basis for appointment.
Muhammad Safdar Rana vs. Chief Secretary, Government of Punjab
Reference: [2009] SCMR 312
Promotion after retirement not a fit case for promotion/book benefits.
Muhammad Aslam Sultan vs. Federation of Pakistan through General Manager, Pakistan Railways, HQR, Lahore
Reference: [2006] SCMR 1465
Retired Civil Servant cannot be granted back benefits.
Muhammad Farid Khattak vs. Chief Secretary, Government of N.W.F.P.
Reference: [2009] SCMR 980
Civil Servant cannot be given status with retrospection effect.
Mrs. Rashida Asif vs. Mrs. Aasia Gondal
Reference: [2010] SCMR 450
Security determination-petitioner grievance that he was senior to the person posted and never agitated and come after 1995 for the determination leave refused.
Nazir Ahmed vs. Capital City Police Officer, Lahore
Reference: [2011] SCMR 484
Acquitted from criminal cases would not be disciplinary proceedings.
Peer Muhammad vs. Government of Balochistan through Chief Secretary and others
Reference: [2007] SCMR 54
Posting transfer terms and conditions of the Civil Servant High Court Bar
Rustam Ali Khan vs. Muhammad Hanif
Reference: [1997] SCMR 2008
Bar Under Article 199 when investigation has lunched or started.
Secretary to Government of the Punjab Health Department, Lahore vs. Dr. Abida Iqbal
Reference: [2009] SCMR 61
Posting and Transfer of Civil Servant
Shafqat Mehmood vs. State
Reference: [2011] SCMR 537
Acquitted from criminal cases would not be disciplinary proceedings.
Secretary Finance vs. Ghulam Safdar
Reference: [2005] SCMR 534
Appointed mere passing exam of test would not confer any right to the petitioner to claim appointment
Shahzad Ahmed vs. Mian Muazzam Shah
Reference: [2009] SCMR 150
Security cannot be permitted for recommendations that will be from the date of appointment letter.
Sajjad Ahmad Javed Bhatti vs. Federation of Pakistan through Secretary Establishment Division, Islamabad
Reference: [2009] SCMR 1448
Posting as an officer on special duty (OSD) extension or age relaxation and reappointment defused.
Tasleem Jan and others vs. Muhammad Zaman
Reference: [2005] SCMR 695
Eligibility for promotion goes to Service Tribunal.
WAPDA vs. Khanimullah 
Reference: [2000] SCMR 879
Definition of Worker/ Workman/ Temporary Employee Permanent Employee
Zarait Taraqiati Bank Ltd., Islamabad vs. Aftab Ahmed Kolachi
Reference: [2009] SCMR 129
Civil Servant dismissal from service back benefits after reinstated.