The internship program being offered at the office of the Advocate General Punjab is a recent phenomenon. The incumbent Advocate General Punjab takes a keen interest in the development of young lawyers and introduced a three month internship program for the bright students of the leading law colleges and universities of Lahore. Law students from Lahore University of Management Sciences, University College Lahore, the Institute of Legal Studies, amongst others are attached as internees and apprentices in the office of the Advocate General. These internees assist the Advocate General and other law officers in the research of case law and materials. They also help in the preparation of cases.
It may be mentioned here that the office of the Advocate General Punjab serves as a nursery for those who want to familiarize themselves with the nuances and intricacies of law. The internees come into contact with diverse laws. They get acquainted with burning legal and constitutional issues. They also benefit from a very well stocked library. Moreover, the internees gain an edge over their fellow young lawyers in the matter of placement.