Documents Required Alongwith Application

List of Documents Required Alongwith Application U/S 91/92 CPC are mentioned as below:

  • The precise Plan of the site where the nuisance is taking place
  • Two affidavits of the persons from neighborhood regarding the factum and nature of the nuisance and residence of applicants
  • A certificate from the concerned Union Council/ Nazim, evidence that he is the resident of area
  • Certified Fard Malkiat, verifying the ownership of the property of the applicants
  • Original copy of the plaint which is to be filed in the Court
  • Copies of NIC of the applicants
  • Statement that any other remedy availed or not
  • In case of involvement of Government property whether Government Deptt: has been approached and response thereto
  • Certificate by local authority:
    • Verifying residence of the applicants
    • Verifying situation of property in dispute
  • Trust deed
  • Names of Trustees
  • Latest Revenue Record